Poly Driving You Crackers: “In the polycrisis the shocks are disparate, however they work together in order that the entire is much more overwhelming than the sum of the components. At instances one feels as if one is shedding one’s sense of actuality. Is the mighty Mississippi actually operating dry and threatening to chop off the farms of the Midwest from the world economic system? Did the January 6 riots actually threaten the US Capitol? Are we actually on the purpose of uncoupling the economies of the west from China? Things that may as soon as have appeared fanciful are actually info.” Or, why you feel the way you feel. Welcome to the world of the polycrisis. (Paywalled, but you get the idea…) Related from the NYT: The Rising Tide of Global Sadness.

+ Store Room With a View: Amazon dominates ecommerce and they’re a leader when it comes to cloud commuting. So they serve as a pretty good barometer of the general consumer and business economy. And this week, that’s not good news. Vox: Why Amazon’s stock price is tanking — and why that should worry you.

+ Strife in the Fast Lane: The article is about America’s urgent and growing need for more truck drivers. The headline is a little more scary. The driver of the big rig one lane over might soon be one of these teenagers.

+ Beware of the Linkage to Shrinkage: “Cold-plunge devotees say the practice offers all kinds of benefits, including mental clarity, pain management and even weight loss, citing proponents like the Dutch motivational speaker Wim Hof and the Stanford neuroscientist Andrew Huberman.” NYT: The $4,990 Ice Bath.