Recessionary Recess: Inflation is still high. Stocks have been slammed. The housing market has taken a massive hit due to soaring interest rates. But there is a positive sign. The US economy returned to growth last quarter, expanding 2.6%.

+ Quick Draw: “In recent weeks, a series of controversies over AI-generated art — mainly in Japan, but also in South Korea — have prompted industry figures and fans to denounce the technology, along with the artists that use it.” AI-generated art sparks furious backlash from Japan’s anime community.

+ He’s a Little Skech: “Ye showed up unannounced and was escorted out of the building by two executives, the company said.” Ye escorted out of Skechers office in Los Angeles after he showed up unannounced. Kanye’s antisemitism and being Nazi-curious is nothing new. He once considered naming an album, Hitler. Kanye West has a disturbing history of admiring Hitler. Again, the Kanye angle isn’t the big story here. It’s that his overt antisemitism is part of national, and global, trend. WaPo: Overt U.S. antisemitism returns with Trump, Kanye West: ‘Something is different‘.

+ Lightning Crashes: “‘Obviously we’ll have to comply,’ Greg Joswiak, Apple’s senior vice president of worldwide marketing, said at The Wall Street Journal Tech Live conference on Tuesday.” iPhones will get USB-C charging. Good thing I’ve been collecting lightning cables for years…