If you’re feeling down, conventional wisdom (along with an increasing number of therapists) suggests you get outside, breathe in some fresh air, and get your body moving. That’s tired. What’s wired, according to Wired, is sitting down at a table and playing some tabletop role-playing games — with a trained therapist. “Role-playing can be especially helpful for people who’ve experienced trauma and oppression. Cassie Walker, a clinical social worker and trauma specialist, sees games and role-playing as a valuable way to connect with clients and demonstrate that therapy doesn’t have to be serious or painful.” How Therapists Are Using Tabletop Games to Help People. When I was a kid, my 3 times-a-week therapist regularly encouraged me to play games with him. The game we played most often was Tiddlywinks. I’d probably feel a lot better if I went back to doing that instead of absorbing and regurgitating news all day.