Here’s something you may have said during a roadtrip. “When I was a kid, our windshield used to be covered with splattered bugs, but these days there are almost none of them splatting.” Well, like your many other nostalgic utterances, this one may be wholly uninteresting to your family. But you’re not wrong. “From 1996 to 2017, insect splatters fell by 80 percent on one of the routes Moller regularly travels. On the other, longer stretch, they plunged 97 percent. Conventional measures show similar trends, and more recent observations have seen even sharper decline.” Is it the insect decline? Is it more aerodynamic windshields? Are insects commuting on side roads? In WaPo (Gift Article), Andrew Van Dam takes you inside the scientific search for answers. Wait, why are there so few dead bugs on my windshield these days?