“‘There’s a comfort in knowing,’ says Suzy Elghanayan, a mother whose young son died earlier this year of a seizure, ‘that we’re all in the same place that we never wanted to be.'” The reason that brings them together is the opposite of feel good, but it’s worth reading about how they help one another. AP: Arizona farm gives refuge from pain, for man and beast alike.

+ U.S. military suicides drop as leaders push mental health programs.

+ ‘A joy for him’: Boy with cerebral palsy can now walk and play using this exoskeleton.

+ The world’s energy situation is not as terrible as you might expect.

+ Actor Anna May Wong to be first Asian American on U.S. currency.

+ Archer Sets New World Record For Most Consecutive Arrows Shot Through A Keyhole.

+ Tired of laundry folding? AI breaks the robot folding speed record. Even luddites are like, “Hmm, let me take a look at this…”