A few readers have emailed to complain about all the bad news these days. So let’s change things up and focus on some bad news from the past. Thankfully, the old bad news puts the new bad news into perspective. WaPo (Gift Article): Asteroid that wiped out dinosaurs triggered ‘megatsunami,’ with mile-high waves. “After the first 10 minutes post-impact, all of the airborne debris associated with the asteroid stopped falling into the Gulf and displacing water … That’s around the time the tsunami began racing across the ocean at the speed of a commercial jetliner.” But this was no ordinary tsunami. I’m not even sure extraordinary quite describes it. One expert “compared the episode to the infamous Sumatra Tsunami in 2004 that followed a magnitude 9.2 earthquake on the west coast of northern Sumatra. More than 200,000 people perished. The megatsunami more than 60 million years ago had 30,000 times more energy than what occurred in 2004.” While you’re trying to picture the unimaginable, big wave surfers are kicking themselves for missing the stoke.