The Big Lie With Reinforcements: “Nevada businessman Robert Beadles whipped up outrage against the local voting registrar. She says she quit in fear for her family’s safety. Their stories illustrate a nationwide effort by Trump allies to drive election administrators from office over false vote-rigging claims.” This stuff is remarkably dangerous. Reuters: Pro-Trump conspiracy theorists hound election officials out of office. Meanwhile, a judge has found evidence that Trump allegedly engaged in ‘conspiracy to defraud’ US, knew fraud claim was wrong. I’m sure the punishment is coming any second now.

+ Freedom Rings for Whom the Bell Tolls: “We’re Republicans, and 100 percent believe that it’s each individual’s choice — their freedom … We decided to err on the side of not doing it and accept the consequences. And now, here we are in the middle of planning the funeral.” WaPo: Whites now more likely to die from covid than Blacks: Why the pandemic shifted. (You know why.)

+ Father of the Clyde: “The first attack came in September 2017, when a man approached Zottola, whom the authorities described as a Mafia associate, outside his Bronx home and knocked him down with a punch in the face. That November, someone tried to shoot Zottola as he drove on the Throgs Neck Expressway. Two days after Christmas, men lurking inside his home stabbed him in the neck. In summer 2018, a man walked up on the sidewalk, pointed a pistol at him and pulled the trigger only for the weapon to misfire.” A Mobster Dodged Hit After Hit. His Son Finally Got Him. (And I thought the story about one brother getting a base hit off the other brother was harsh…)

+ The Candy Man Can of Worms: Authorities seize thousands of suspected fentanyl pills hidden at Los Angeles airport. “It was discovered that inside the ‘Sweetarts’, ‘Skittles’, and ‘Whoppers’ candy boxes were fentanyl pills.” Just in time for a Halloween conspiracy theory…

+ Paddling a Resume: “A flight attendant on a recent trip to California begged for a selfie. A woman in Las Vegas chased her down the Strip with a camera in hand. At tournaments, fans push their babies in Anna Leigh’s arms for a quick photograph. ‘The first time I was like, I’ve never even held a baby before,’ she said with a laugh.” Meet the teen queen of professional pickleball.