“House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy warned Tuesday that Republicans will not write a ‘blank check’ for Ukraine if they win back the House majority, reflecting his party’s growing skepticism about financial support for Kyiv as it battles Russia’s invasion.” In the battle of democracy v totalitarianism, everyone picks a side. And as Nicole Perlroth, cyber security expert and author of This Is How They Tell Me The World Ends, explains: “Interesting timing, don’t you think? Reads like an open invitation for election interference.” Of course, none of this is just about aiding Ukraine. It’s about aiding the most important fight for democracy since WWII. There were plenty American politicians on the wrong side of that fight too.

+ This isn’t hyperbole. The world is listening closely. Ukrainians keep a wary eye on U.S. midterm elections, fearing a loss of support.

+ I’ll let Timothy Snyder explain: As Ukraine Goes, So Goes the World. “Ukrainian resistance is a model. If we believe that democracy will be brought to us by structural factors, then we will get more fascism, more genocide, more imperialism. But we do not have to believe that. We can believe instead that democracy is always a struggle, but that the struggle is worth it.”