“The great pet adoption boom peaked in April and May 2020 with nearly one in five US households, or 23 million, giving animals new homes during the pandemic, according to the ASPCA. But as our return to a sense of normalcy has coincided with historic inflation rates, pet owners are forced to re-evaluate their priorities.” It’s not just inflation. Pandemic pet owners were having buyer’s remorse before prices rose. For some reason, the remorse was particularly strong when it comes to guinea pigs. US shelters see increase in surrenders – and one animal ‘returned in droves.’

+ “Photos and videos were forbidden. So were cellphones. The rescuers were banned from talking with Envigo’s employees. When the meeting with the marshals ended, Ramer said, the rescuers drove to the breeding facility in Cumberland, about 50 miles west of Richmond. As lawyers in suits looked on, workers rolled out scores of beagles in carts — or carried them from their cages individually — to a Humane Society representative, who plopped them into the rescue workers’ arms.” WaPo (Gift Article): Profit, pain and puppies: Inside the rescue of nearly 4,000 beagles. (I have two beagles. My neighbors only think I have 4,000.)