Postive Charging News: “We’re going to need to mine a huge amount of metals like cobalt and lithium to electrify the world’s automobiles. But things would be easier if car batteries didn’t have to be so big.” Scientists May Have Just Cracked the Code on Fast Electric Car Charging.

+ Ven Diagram: “With increasing numbers of Venezuelans arriving at the U.S.-Mexico border as the Nov. 8 election nears, Biden has turned to an unlikely source for a solution: his predecessor’s playbook.” Biden turning to Trump-era rule to expel Venezuelan migrants. (If possible, try not to escape poverty or need political asylum during election cycles.)

+ Sepsis Boom Bah: “One reason for all this carnage is that if sepsis is not detected in time, it’s essentially a death sentence. Consequently, much research has focused on catching sepsis early, but the condition’s complexity has plagued existing clinical support systems.” The Atlantic: Can computers crack the code of sepsis? (We worry a lot about AI, but it’s going to do wonders in medicine.)

+ Cold War: Europe is getting ready for a long energy-tight winter with adjustments from swimming in wetsuits to finding your own firewood.

+ Hunter Gathered: “His patterns were consistent with some of the patterns that we had seen … around parks, around dark places, stopping, looking around, moving again. He was on a mission to kill. He was out hunting.” A serial killer suspected in six slayings was arrested this weekend.

+ Link Different: “BQ.1 and BQ.1.1 are worrisome because they both appear to be more transmissible, and could possibly be more immune evasive than earlier variants.” Ugh. SF Chronicle: These two new COVID variants could drive the next surge.

+ Crab Season Doesn’t Have Legs: “An estimated one billion crabs have mysteriously disappeared in two years.” Alaska snow crab season canceled.

+ Diving Platform: Kanye West is buying Parler. “The artist known as Ye was recently locked out of his Twitter and Instagram accounts for making antisemitic comments. Parler says the acquisition will help create an ‘uncancelable ecosystem.'” Hopefully, his check is cancelable. He would have been better off buying Friendster.