What to Doc: LuLaRich is a four-part docuseries that chronicles the unraveling of LuLaRoe. Known for their buttery soft leggings, the infamous multi-level marketing company went viral promising young mothers a work-from-home salvation. It’s also an all-too familiar reminder of just how long it takes and how hard it is to hold criminals accountable. Another documentary worth your time is Apple TV’s Sidney, a look at the remarkable life of Sidney Poitier. I loved his movies as a kid. Looking back at the historical context, they’re even more remarkable.

+ What to Book: We spend a lot of time worrying about the downside of technology. But there are plenty of upsides. And, of course, how technology impacts the world is up to us. Check out Corinna Lathan’s new book: Inventing the Future: Stories from a Techno-Optimist.