Life extension is all the rage these days. If you read enough news about humans, it’s sometimes hard to get excited about the notion of more of the same. Celine Halioua and her startup called Loyal are working on life extension efforts in an area most of us, with the exception of cats, can all feel a little more enthusiastic about. It’s for Dogs. She’s convinced she can turn K-9 into K-12 or 13, and then some. “The search for an antiaging elixir goes back at least to the Epic of Gilgamesh, and even today the most far-out ideas for thwarting death—freezing people for eventual revival, reincarnating them digitally—sound an awful lot like technological fairy tales. But in the world of lab animals, life extension is already here, with studies boosting or even doubling the lifespans of worms, flies, and mice.” People have been searching for a fountain of youth for thousands of years. Celine Halioua thinks she’s found one—for canines. Be patient, we’re next. “Halioua, a fast talker who speaks in a confident, sometimes bewildering mix of Silicon Valley and biotech jargon, believes that starting with dogs puts her on the best and cutest path to the first aging treatments for people.” (Worst case, a few years out we’ll get a Netflix series about the company.)