“This is the paradox at the heart of climate change: We’ve burned far too many fossil fuels to go on living as we have, but we’ve also never learned to live well without them. As the Yale economist Robert Mendelsohn puts it, the problem of the future is how to create a 19th-century carbon footprint without backsliding into a 19th-century standard of living. No model exists for creating such a world, which is partly why paralysis has set in at so many levels. The greatest crisis in human history may require imagining ways of living — not just of energy production but of daily habit — that we have never seen before. How do we begin to imagine such a household?” NYT (Gift Article): What Does Sustainable Living Look Like? Maybe Like Uruguay.

+ “It’s one of the most impressive COVID vaccination campaigns in the world. And it began with a text message out of the blue.” How this Brazilian doc got nearly every person in her city to take a COVID vaccine. (Hey, if you can get someone to get a Brazilian, you can convince them to get anything…)

+ Billionaire MacKenzie Scott donates $15m to help provide glasses to farmers in developing countries. (How fun would it be to do this.)

+ California children can now receive free books thanks to Dolly Parton. Speaking of free books, don’t forget to follow along with the excellent and inspiring adventures of The Busload of Books Tour.

+ WaPo: We visited Studio Ghibli’s long-awaited theme park. It’s a sensory delight.

+ And let’s kick off the weekend with Springsteen’s cover of Nightshift.