No Parkland Death Penalty: “Several people in the courtroom – including families of the victims — shook their heads in disbelief and had tears in their eyes as it became clear that the jury had recommended a life sentence for Cruz rather than the death penalty.” A jury recommends life in prison for Parkland shooter Nikolas Cruz.

+ Courage Unveiled: “Every time I leave my home, I hide my keys, I give my laptop to someone else, and I tell friends and family that I’m going out. We all know anything could happen to us when we step out onto the street.” NY Mag: Iranian protesters on what brings them back to the streets four weeks in. And from AP: Who is leading the crackdown on Iran’s protests?

+ Trump Drops a Deuce: “With his business empire, the Trump Organization, in civil and criminal jeopardy in New York, Donald Trump has come up with an apparent solution that has angered state officials: He has formed the Trump Organization II.” This is not The Onion, and if history is any indicator, he’ll probably get away with it.

+ Ctrl Salt Delete:A $140 million desalination plant is expected to be approved by California regulators on Thursday as the U.S. state contends with how to convert ocean water into drinking water amid the worst drought in 1,200 years.” (Maybe we can drink our way out of the rising seas threat.)

+ The Accomplices: “In 2010, Adams confessed to his bishop, John Herrod, that he had sexually abused his daughter, according to legal records. Herrod reported the abuse to a church “abuse help line” and was advised not to report it to police or child welfare officials. The abuse was kept secret, and Adams continued raping his older daughter and her younger sister for several years. Adams was later charged by federal officials with posting videos of the abuse on the Internet.” Lawsuit: Utah firm and lawmaker helped Mormons hide abuse.

+ Plate Tech-tonics: “Why would anyone want a digital license plate? Users can change the messaging at the bottom of their plates through a phone app, and even give safety notices and alerts, such as marking the car as stolen.” Digital License Plates Become Legal for All Cars in California. And how Animated Googly Eyes Could Make Autonomous Cars Safer For Pedestrians.

+ Bait and Switch: “Two men who made headlines around the world when they were caught stuffing lead weights inside their fish during an Ohio tournament have been now charged with a slew of crimes.” (Literally every crime gets punished except whichever Trump commits.)