“The bombings in Kyiv were part of a nationwide barrage that hit more than ten cities. According to Ukrainian officials, the objective was to disable power grids and energy services ahead of the winter. In Kyiv, the missiles mostly appeared to have killed and maimed civilians.” The New Yorker: Kyiv’s Peace Is Destroyed.

+ The terrorist targeting of civilians in large urban areas follows the destruction of the bridge that connects Russia to Crimea. The attack “struck a prime symbol of the project of Russian imperial restoration, an expensive structure designed to link a Crimea reincorporated into Russia with the motherland. It damaged a crucial supply route. It showed that Ukraine could reach deep behind Russian lines to hit, with exquisite precision, a key and extremely well-defended target. It was, above all, a personal as well as a national humiliation: This was Vladimir Putin’s pet construction project, and it was the most unwelcome gift possible on his 70th birthday.” The Atlantic: Putin’s Regime Faces the Fate of His Kerch Strait Bridge.

+ That may be true, but while we’re waiting for fate to materialize, Putin is determined to do as much damage as possible. To achieve that, he’s put a new man in charge of the destruction. Sergei Surovikin: the ‘General Armageddon’ now in charge of Russia’s war.