The Busload of Books tour is starting to get coverage like this and this. It will only increase as news of this feel great story spreads across America. You should definitely be following along on Instagram or Facebook.

+ Here’s an awesome, short video on a great program in Marin City called Play Marin. A Brighter Tomorrow.

+ “Carl Allamby’s professional trajectory could be reduced to the plot of a feel-good movie. Skimming over the details, his is a story of a once-poor boy from the wrong side of Cleveland, who went from fixing cars to fixing people, from mechanic to medical doctor. But the more accurate truth is that in this case, Allamby’s social and economic mobility was of the tortoise vs. hare variety.” What’s it take to go from mechanic to physician at 51? Patience, an Ohio doctor says.

+ “So many people and businesses will use those tax credits that the IRA’s total spending is likely to be more than $800 billion, double what the CBO projects. And because federal spending tends to catalyze private investment, that could send total climate spending across the economy to roughly $1.7 trillion over the next 10 years.” The Atlantic: The Climate Economy Is About to Explode.

+ “The school was the trial site for a scheme that has pitched using the metaverse to help teach English to students with a limited grasp of the language.” The LA kids who started behind and then flew ahead.

+ “The Nordic nation’s rate of vehicle fatalities is a fraction of the toll in the US, despite a harsh climate and ice-covered streets.” How Finland Put Traffic Crashes on Ice.

+ ‘It feels like fresh air to my ears’: can brown noise really help you concentrate? My teenage daughter was highly skeptical (since the tip came from me). But her reviews have been great.