In a chess scandal for the ages, Hans Niemann has been accused by world champion Magnus Carlsen of cheating. So far, finding evidence that Niemann has cheated at over-the-board (or in person) matches has taken longer than searching for Bobby Fischer. But his track record online is worth a check. Hans Niemann ‘likely cheated’ in more than 100 games, investigation finds.

+ Hans Free: Cheating in person is a lot harder than cheating online. The scandal has “produced a bizarre viral conspiracy theory that Niemann had used anal beads to receive coded messages during the match. But would that even be possible?” A group called Adafruit Industries decided to find out by testing a wireless haptic communication system with a juicy slab of pork butt. (That can’t be kosher…)

+ Competitive scandals are all the rage these days, but I didn’t see this one coming. ‘It’s like The Godfather’: Irish dancing world hit by cheating allegations. (I’m picturing Michael Flatley being taken out on the lake in a row boat.)