Un Cool: Speaking of megalomaniacs and nuclear threats, there’s this: “North Korea on Tuesday conducted its longest-ever weapons test, a nuclear-capable ballistic missile that flew over Japan and could reach the U.S. Pacific territory of Guam and beyond, forcing the Japanese government to issue evacuation alerts and halt trains.”

+ No Truss, No Fuss: “Britain’s new prime minister may have already worn out her welcome. Liz Truss’ government on Monday announced that it is dropping a plan to end the country’s top income tax rate after the value of the British pound plunged following the unveiling of the proposal just 10 days earlier.” Has Liz Truss already failed?

+ Elon Wheels: Elon Musk chimed in with some takes on the Ukraine situation that were so bad that even Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy responded. In fairness, some people liked Elon’s thinking. For example, the Kremlin. Elon is a guy who’s always sure he’s right even on topics he knows nothing about. The only thing worse than him sharing his nonsensical opinions about Ukraine would be if he owned the platform where he does it. And, as of today, that’s becoming a much more likely possibility.

+ Shock and Straw: As we know from There Will Be Blood, it’s a bummer when someone drinks your milkshake. It’s worse when they drink your water. California wells run dry as drought depletes groundwater. “The bigger straw is going to suck the water from right beneath the little straw. Municipal wells like this one are being put at risk and are going dry because of the groundwater overdraft problems from agriculture. There are families who don’t have access to running water right now because they have dry domestic wells.”

+ You Go, Girls! “Schoolgirls in Iran have been waving their headscarves in the air and chanting against clerical authorities, in an unprecedented show of support for the protests engulfing the country.”

+ Walker Finds Open Hole: Herschel Walker has threatened to file a defamation lawsuit after a publication accused him of paying for a girlfriend’s abortion. (Defamation? It’s probably the most laudable thing that’s come out about Walker since he launched his campaign.) Had enough of this terrible election effort? So has Walker’s son. Herschel Walker’s campaign in turmoil as adult son accuses him of violence, lying.

+ Entangled Up in Boo: We have our winners of the Nobel Prize for physics and I get what they’ve done just about as well as I got physics in high school. “Working independently, each of the three researchers forged new experiments demonstrating and investigating quantum entanglement, the curious phenomenon in which two or more particles exist in a so-called entangled state. In this bizarre situation, an action taken on one of the particles can instantaneously ripple through the entire entangled assemblage, determining the other particles’ behavior, even if they are far apart.” For those who need a little more explanation, this article from The Conversation might help. (Editor’s note: It won’t.) Nobel prize: physicists share prize for insights into the spooky world of quantum mechanics.