From the earliest experiments with camera obscura to the daguerreotype to the calotype to the Kodak to the Leica to the Polaroid to the insanely powerful camera in your pocket right now, humans have long been obsessed with capturing photos. Until now, that process has usually included aspects like light and vision. The next photographic revolution may have a different source: words. Like all new technologies, this one is being greeted with both excitement and concern. WaPo (Gift Article): AI can now create any image in seconds, bringing wonder and danger. “Once the line between truth and fake is eroded, everything will become fake. We will not be able to believe anything.”

+ Here’s my result when I typed in, The Apple of My AI. I also combined some recent news stories and came up with a new way to stop asteroids from hitting Earth. More interesting are these images of what celebrities who died young would look like today.

+ While you were deciding how worried to be about AI-created images, Meta announced a new AI that can turn text prompts into videos.