What Can Brown Do For You?

I’m dubious that there is a specific sound or music that soothes all sufferers of ADHD. I’m guessing, like most external factors, different sounds work for different people. But either way, it’s an interesting topic. NYT (Gift Article): Can Brown Noise Turn Off Your Brain? “The noise sounds like wind, or heavy rain, or the steady hum of an airline jet. It sounds like water rushing somewhere in the distance, like a gentle fan ruffling currents of cool air. It’s soothing, steady, slightly rumbly. Welcome to the cult of Brown Noise, a sometimes hazily-defined category of neutral, dense sound that contains every frequency our ears can detect. Brown noise is like white noise but has a lower, deeper quality. It gained a fervent following over the summer, picking up speed in online ADHD communities, where people made videos of their reactions to hearing it for the first time. Many said it allowed their brains to feel calm, freed from an internal monologue.” (I’m in the market for sounds that can free me from external monologues…)

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