Honey, I Shrunk the Habitable Land : “Denmark became the first central government of a developed country to propose funding devoted to ‘loss and damage’ – which refers to those ravages of climate-related disasters which are so extreme that no protection against them is possible.” Denmark offers ‘loss and damage’ funding to poorer countries for climate breakdown. And from AP: Climate Migration: Indian kids find hope in a new language. Maybe the most ominous thing in this story is the editor’s note: “This story is part of an ongoing series exploring the lives of people around the world who have been forced to move because of rising seas, drought, searing temperatures and other things caused or exacerbated by climate change.” That’s gonna be a busy beat to cover.

+ Stupid Is As Stupid Trumps: “You might be a media-slick, Ivy-bred brainiac like Vance or Dr. Mehmet Oz, and even admit backstage that you don’t really believe the asininity you’re spouting. As a general rule, though, discerning swing voters tend not to differentiate between fools and those who just play them on TV.” Mark Leibovich in The Atlantic: The Tipping Point of Stupid. It’s stupid for sure. It’s sometimes even laughable. It’s also remarkably dangerous. The New Yorker’s Bill McKibben on Watching Trump Embrace QAnon. “As Trump continues campaigning, those who fear what could happen in this country will need to be vigilant against all ongoing efforts to divide it … The fact that we’ve survived Trumpism so far is no guarantee of anything.” A-friggin-men.

+ Test of Time: The Atlantic: Why Adults Still Dream About School. “She rattled off a few common school-dream variations: The dreamer has to rush to an exam after having overslept, or they can’t find their classroom, or they prepared for an exam by studying the wrong subject, or they sit down for an exam and the text is in hieroglyphics, or they show up to school nude.” (I’ve had the fully-clothed version of the school test dream for decades. Maybe some nudity will spice it up a bit. “Mr. Pell, did you remember your number 2 pencil?”)

+ Pickle Brawl: “Pickleball isn’t a sport at a crossroads as much as it’s a five-lane highway with everyone trying to merge while careening against the guardrails at top speed. There are three professional leagues battling for players, customers, sponsors and superiority. Communities are racing to build courts to satisfy an ever-growing appetite, and investors are finding new ways to monetize the sport. Meanwhile, the tennis community is trying to save its courts and safeguard its future.” WaPo: Pickleball is exploding, and it’s getting messy. (It’s actually nice that there’s a little sport for people without the skills to play tennis.)