“This summer, a self-driving tractor was spotted working rows of vines in Napa valley. Described as resembling a “souped-up golf cart”, the tractor runs on an electric battery and can be operated remotely with an app. Farther south, strawberry harvesting robots have been picking fruit. Complete with wheels, clipper-tipped arms and a catchment tray, its maker claims the machine can pick almost as many berries as a human with 95% accuracy.” Grapes, berries and robots: is Silicon Valley coming for farm workers jobs?

+ At this point, it might be more accurate to ask if Silicon Valley will be required to fill out open positions. Don’t tell this to dictator tots like Ron DeSantis, but we have a labor crunch in America. And yes, you can get fries with that. WaPo: The robots are here. And they are making you fries.