Now Hear This: “Not only will a booster with the new vaccines decrease the likelihood of infection and severe illness and help reduce transmission of the virus; it could also decrease the likelihood of developing long Covid.” Zeynep Tufekci in the NYT (Gift Article): There’s Terrific News About the New Covid Boosters, but Few Are Hearing It.

+ West’s Side Story: “Despite its celebrity founder, curiosity about the school, flashy visits from celebrities, and West’s plans to open up campuses across the country alongside a Donda University, the school has shared little information about its academics beyond what’s on its sparse website … The academy’s website merely notes that students’ daily schedule includes ‘full school worship; core classes of language arts, math, and science; lunch and recess; enrichment courses including World Language, Visual Art, Film, Choir, and Parkour.'” Rolling Stone: What the Hell Is Going on at Kanye West’s Mysterious New Private School?

+ Stumps and Rumps: Scorecard grades toilet paper brands in terms of climate change impact. “The average American consumer will go through the equivalent of 384 trees just for toilet paper in the course of a lifetime.”

+ Floppy Drive: A Chat With the Last Person Standing in the Floppy Disk Business.