Let’s Game it Out: “For an increasing number of Americans, addiction treatment involves not only hard work, but also earning rewards — sometimes totaling $500 — for negative drug tests or showing up for counseling or group meetings. There’s brain science behind the method, which is known as contingency management. And barriers to wider adoption of reward programs, such as government concerns about fraud, are starting to crumble.” Candy, cash, gifts: How rewards help recovery from addiction. Gamification works.

+ Tinder Box: “Monica White had gone through a painful divorce, but at 53 she was ready to begin dating again in the fall of 2020. She created profiles on dating sites and soon got a message from a potential suitor – a man authorities would allege was a serial killer a year later.”

+ Calling For Back Up: “This exosuit is about as far away from Iron Man as you can get.” The Army set out to build Iron Man suits. Instead, they’re rolling out something that could be more widely appreciated. A new suit to solve soldier back pain.

+ Tennis Anyone (Else)? Nadal slow plays. Djokovic is unlikeable. Federer was emotion free. The greatest trio in tennis history may have also made this the most boring era – in part because of their dominance. Over the past two weeks, we had our first “major” glimpse of a new era in men’s tennis and it sure was fun—especially the 19 year-old US Open winner and new number one player in the world. Carlos Alcaraz, 19, wins US Open to become youngest world No. 1 in men’s tennis history. Here’s a look at the kid’s top 10 points from the 2022 US Open.

+ Frost Bitten: The Nebraska Cornhuskers wanted football coach Scott Frost out so fast they spent an extra $7.5 million instead of waiting a few weeks.