What to Read: Pickleball is the all the rage these days. But in some places, tennis is still the sport of choice. For example, San Quentin. AP: San Quentin inmates find community through tennis. “They have their own tennis etiquette: Any close balls are typically called in to avoid confrontation.”

+ What to Slice and Dice: I’m going to recommend a product I don’t necessarily need myself since, as a vegetarian salad addict, I’m a slicing samurai. But my wife ordered a Once For All mandolin safe slicer and it will work really well for you civilians. If you need to peel, there’s no product that’s even close to the Oxo.

+ What to Shop: I buy just about all of my t-shirts from Cotton Bureau. They just launched phone cases too. Everything is designed by the community and fulfilled on demand. You should check out their stuff. I also sell all my NextDraft merch through their site. Great small business and team.