It’s only occasionally that every major news site leads with the same topic. It’s much more rare that those news sites lead with about a dozen stories on that topic. This morning, in addition to live updates and video coverage, the NYT and WaPo had 18 above the internet-fold stories about the death of the Queen. Forget the court jesters on social media and reality TV, the Royal Family sits on the throne atop the attention economy. In some ways, the coverage of the Royal Family is the true measure of their power—and a look across today’s major news sites shows their power is not waning. The mega-coverage is happening in UK publications, of course, but it’s also happening across the world. You don’t have to be one of her subjects for the Queen to be your favorite subject. The British used to colonize land. Now they colonize our attention. It’s not just news. The Royals are covered endlessly in documentaries and dramatized versions of their lives that blur the line between fiction and a carefully scripted fictionalized reality. How blurred is the line? Today, Netflix announced that production on its series The Crown would pause as mark of respect. But don’t worry, the hunger for royal content will be more than sated over the weekend. For seven decades, the Queen was the world’s leading influencer and she continues to dominate even in passing. The Queen is Dead. Long Live the Queen. The Show Must Go On.

+ Here comes King Charles III. He’s a much less popular figure and he has a big crown to fill. Here’s the latest on the Queen and the succession from BBC. You can click that link or just sit and wait. Either way, you’re gonna get so much of the latest on this story that by the end of the weekend, your system will need a royal flush.