“A federal judge in Fort Worth agreed Wednesday with a group of Christian conservatives that Affordable Care Act requirements to cover HIV prevention drugs violate their religious freedom.” The decision actually threatens many other types of preventative care as well, but religion vs behaviors religious people don’t agree with is the focus of the case—and it should be your focus as well. “In the complaint, Hotze said he is unwilling to pay for a health insurance plan for his employees that covers HIV prevention drugs such as Truvada and Descovy, known generally as PrEP, ‘because these drugs facilitate or encourage homosexual behavior, which is contrary to Dr. Hotze’s sincere religious beliefs.'” This is part of an ongoing holy war that is taking place in America. For decades, only one side has been fighting. That’s why we’re living with today’s SCOTUS makeup. It’s why so many religious Christians support Trump. That unholy relationship is purely transactional, as was Trump’s entire presidency. Trump’s superpower was having no hardened opinions and no steadfast positions. You offer your support for him, and you get his support for what you want. Vice President Mike Pence knew exactly what the religious right segment of the base wanted, and he delivered Trump’s speeches, tweets, signatures, and judges. And through the judiciary, that deal is still delivering.