What to Tennis: Since we’re heading into the middle weekend of the US Open, let’s serve up some tennis-related picks. First, there’s a new Showtime doc on John McEnroe that is getting rave reviews. For a time, he was the best player in the world. Currently, he could be the best color commentator in sports. And through it all, he’s been interesting as hell. McEnroe is like a human unconscious with a killer backhand. Two other docs to enjoy between matches: HBO has a newish doc on McEnroe’s opposite: Citizen Ashe. And if you’re bummed we may have seen the last of the Williams sisters on the same court, check out Venus and Serena on Amazon Prime.

+ What to Watch: If you’re looking for something a little less psychologically traumatic than 104 minutes with John McEnroe, then check out Steve Carrell as a therapist kidnapped by a patient who needs help curbing his homicidal urges: The Patient on Hulu.