I’ve been telling you about the Busload of Books tour from children’s book creators Robbi Behr and Matthew Swanson. Their family is in a school bus that’s traveling around the country delighting kids and giving away books. The first stop is happening today. This is going to be so great. You can follow along on Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube. This family will be famous for all the right reasons by the time this trip is over. So get on the bus now.

+ 826 Valencia is celebrating its 20th anniversary. Here’s Dave Eggers explaining why Writing Should be Joyful and Strange. (I’m halfway there…)

+ This company is about to grow new organs in a person for the first time.

+ “Though it’s little-remembered today, the initiative was championed by such luminaries as Albert Einstein, Theodore Dreiser, and Upton Sinclair, and was celebrated nationwide.” The Brooklyn Public Library has been unbanning books for a long time. And that, sadly, is needed now more than ever. UnBanning Books Since 1934.

+ “Until recently considered a folly available only to billionaires, personal submarines are now ready for the (well-heeled) masses.” NYT: A Personal Submarine for Every Orthodontist.

+ From Mic: Five good news stories about climate change.

+ The world’s biggest offshore wind farm is now fully operational.

+ Experience: I am the Monopoly world champion.