Find My Phone: “Police have used ‘Fog Reveal’ to search hundreds of billions of records from 250 million mobile devices, and harnessed the data to create location analyses known among law enforcement as ‘patterns of life,’ according to thousands of pages of records about the company.” Tech tool offers police ‘mass surveillance on a budget.’

+ Que Sarah, Sarah: “Peltola ran as an advocate for preserving abortion rights, as well as protecting the environment and leaning into local issues, like addressing a salmon shortage in Western Alaska. The Democrat was outspent 4-to-1 by Palin.” Democrat Peltola beats Sarah Palin in Alaska special election upset. Meanwhile, after Sarah Palin’s election loss, Sen. Tom Cotton calls ranked-choice voting ‘a scam.’ Translation: Ranked-choice voting is great.

+ Muddy Waters: The latest weird climate change related thing we’re seeing in Northern California is a mud colored bay and an unbelievable number of dead fish. Experts, concerned about the algae bloom that is turning the water to brown muck, say the die-off is ‘like losing giant redwoods‘.

+ Window Cleaning: “At least six other Russian businessmen, most with ties to the energy industry, have died suddenly in unclear circumstances in the past few months.” Top Russian oil official “falls” to death from hospital window.

+ Fortune Favors the Brave: “Cryptocurrency trading platform accidentally transferred $10.5m to an Australian woman when processing a $100 refund, and failed to notice the error for seven months.”

+ Sign Language: Texas schools are required to display signs that say ‘In God We Trust.’ What about signs that say the same thing, but in Arabic? School District: “No thanks. We have enough signs.”

+ Waste Even More of Your Life: “Twitter is now testing its highly requested Edit Tweet feature. After years of memes and jokes, editable tweets will be available to some Twitter Blue subscribers later this month. The feature is currently undergoing “internal testing” and appears to mimic Facebook in its edit style, with a linked edit history for tweets that we saw in leaks earlier this year.” (No one edits Dave Pell. Not even Dave Pell.)