Shot in the Dark? “The updated shots, retooled to target the BA.5 strain that accounts for most cases in the U.S. today, are expected to become available after Labor Day.” The FDA has authorized the Omicron boosters. “The reformulated mRNA shots got regulators’ blessing without first being tested in humans.”

+ Inaction Jackson: “The city of Jackson, even when we’re not under a boil water notice, even when we’re not contending, at that present moment, with low pressure, we are in a constant state of emergency.” Families are bearing the brunt of Jackson’s latest water crisis. “Recent flooding strained the city’s largest water treatment plant, O.B. Curtis, which was already dogged with problems. Plus, there was another issue with water pumps at a secondary treatment facility known as J.H. Fewell. As a result, many of the city’s water towers remain nearly empty, leaving the system without enough water or water pressure to fill pipes in homes, schools, and businesses.” A crisis that’s left thousands of residents with no running water was decades in the making.

+ Lost in the Flood: The scenes out of Pakistan are really remarkable. Photos: A third of Pakistan is under water in catastrophic floods.

+ Rolling in Dough: “‘As far as NIL goes in the locker room, you see stuff, but no one ever talks about it,’ Oklahoma wide receiver Marvin Mims admitted. ‘It’s never like, a competition, like, ‘Oh, I got this much more money than you did. I’ve got this deal. You couldn’t get this deal.’ ‘But you do notice the NIL deals that other guys are getting.'” You notice it less in the locker room and more in the parking lot. New rules make star college football players millionaires.

+ Cocaine and Crack: “U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers discovered more than 1,500 pounds of cocaine hidden in a place where you would least expect it: a shipment of baby wipes.” The last thing that needs any additional stimulation is a baby’s bottom…