You may think you’re the type of person who gets irritated by the latest coffee flavor of the month. But trust me, no one is as grossed out by pumpkin spice lattes as the folks who load garbage trucks in NYC. If there’s a popular coffee flavor they know what it is because, as they tell it, no one in New York finishes a cup of coffee. And tossed half-full cups of coffee are just one of the liquids that makes up what NYC sanitation workers call, The Juice. Clio Chang in Curbed: I Went to Trash School. An education in ‘juice,’ how to protect your shins, and keeping 12,000 daily tons of garbage at bay. “I am standing alongside around a dozen other people, staring into the elephant’s hopper — the familiar gaping maw that workers feed trash bags — as it slowly closes shut with a satisfying clank. The hulking blade that compacts the trash moves in a single, sweeping motion. We watch with quiet concentration. Over the sound of the rusty metal, the man operating the truck, in black sunglasses and a crew cut, yells: ‘Garbage goes in, then what goes out?” In unison, we respond: ‘Juice!'”