“If there’s a prosecution of Donald Trump for mishandling classified information,’ said Sen. Lindsey O. Graham on Fox News, there will be ‘riots in the streets.'” WaPo: Lindsey Graham’s vile ‘riots’ threat gives away Trump’s game. (From the Proud Boys to Jan 6, Trumpism is all about violence and the threat of more violence. Lindsey Graham is a participant in this trend, even if it’s not scary when he does it.)

+ I’ve been making a similar point for months, but Shay Khatiri sums up this point really well. “Prosecuting a former politician with cause for crimes he might have committed is a sign of political health, not institutional weakness. More than that: Letting powerful people go without consequences for their misdeeds purely because you fear the power of their populist movement is anti-democratic. It’s exactly the kind of weakness that both exposes banana republic status and exacerbates it.” Can I get an amen!?

+ More than 40% of Americans think civil war likely within a decade. (Better idea: Vote for pro democracy candidates.)