Trouble is Brewing

“Companies elsewhere have put former gang members to work packaging tuna and making vintage-inspired collegiate wear; most notably, Homeboy Industries, which was founded by a Jesuit priest named Greg Boyle, in Los Angeles, has employed hundreds of former gang members at a bakery, a grocery, and other businesses. Boyle began by creating a job-training program, and four years passed before his organization launched its first retail venture. Homeboy Industries remains a nonprofit, and requires that anyone seeking employment leave gang life behind. Taylor took a different approach. He recruited purported gang leaders in Wilmington, and said that he wanted them to remain active in their gangs, in order to maintain their influence.” Charles Bethea in The New Yorker: TRU Colors attracted interest—and investment—by employing active gang members. But a double murder last summer has prompted criticism of its approach. A Brewery’s Anti-Violence Mission, Complicated by a Killing.

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