We can pretend we have polarization in America because of genuine political differences. But most of the rage is based on lies—and those lies are systematically created by nefarious politicians and relentlessly delivered by Fox News and the right wing echo chamber. WaPo’s (Gift Article) Dana Milbank looks at the anatomy of just one lie, this one about the IRS adding 87,000 armed agents. “The IRS certainly isn’t adding 87,000 armed agents. It isn’t even adding 87,000 agents. In fact, it’s not even adding 87,000 employees. When you figure in attrition … the expected increase in personnel would be more like 40,000, over the course of a decade — which would merely restore IRS staffing to around the 117,000 it had in 1990. Only about 6,500 of the new hires would be ‘agents.’ The rest would be customer-service representatives, data specialists and the like. And fewer than 1 percent of the new hires would be armed … Such officers, who go after drug rings and Russian oligarchs, have been part of the IRS for more than a century.”