“Twitter has major security problems that pose a threat to its own users’ personal information, to company shareholders, to national security, and to democracy … The whistleblower, who has agreed to be publicly identified, is Peiter ‘Mudge’ Zatko, who was previously the company’s head of security, reporting directly to the CEO. Zatko further alleges that Twitter’s leadership has misled its own board and government regulators about its security vulnerabilities.” Wait, wasn’t the company’s former head of security in charge of these things? Let’s not get hung up by the details. Just grab some popcorn because, in addition to this, Elon Musk subpoenaed former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. (I always picture a ZZ-top bearded Dorsey in a meditative state floating above a small open fire outside a cave in the Himalayas. I wonder if that makes it difficult to deliver a subpoena.)