Electric Avenue: “The researchers found that the effects lingered even after the electricity was turned off. When they tested subjects a month later, many of the improvements from the brief sessions of brain stimulation remained.” Zapping the brain with electricity shown to boost older people’s short- and long-term memory.

+ This Should Prey on Your Mind: “Texas schools have started receiving posters of the national motto ‘In God We Trust’ that they will be required to display in accordance with a new state law.” Meanwhile, “a Wisconsin school board voted last week to ban teachers from displaying Black Lives Matter and gay pride flags in their classrooms, saying such displays are political messaging.” (There’s a religious war taking place in America. Pay attention.)

+ Car Bombing: “Journalist Darya Dugina, aged 29, died on Saturday when a vehicle she was driving exploded near Russia’s capital. Her prominent ultra-nationalist father, Alexander Dugin, said to be close to Mr Putin, may have been the intended target of the attack.” Her father is referred to as Putin’s brain. Ukraine killed Putin ally’s daughter, Russia says. (That alone should lead you to believe that Ukraine didn’t do it. Perhaps we should consider a government known for targeted killings?)

+ What Can Brown Do For Crew: “They’re vomiting. Their bodies are shutting down. It’s awful.” UPS Drivers Say ‘Brutal’ Heat Is Endangering Their Lives.

+ Finnish with a Bang “In social media feeds, women are showing themselves dancing, singing or holding a drink to show their solidarity with Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin. She has been under public scrutiny after videos of her dancing and singing with friends circulated on the internet. Those videos were meant to be private, according to Marin.” This is one of the silliest political controversies in the world. And frankly, we thank them for it.