Pay Cuts Like a Knife: “Dan Price was applauded for paying a minimum salary of $70,000 at his Seattle company and criticizing corporate greed. The adulation helped to hide and enable his behavior.” (I suppose you can never trust anyone who takes a pay cut.) NYT (Gift Article): Social Media Was a C.E.O.’s Bullhorn, and How He Lured Women.

+ A Lump of Coal: “Residents stood up to a proposal by two oil and gas industry giants to build a pipeline under their properties and forced them to back down. When the news broke last year in July, the rejoicing began. But it didn’t last long.” WaPo: The TVA is dumping a mountain of coal ash in Black south Memphis.

+ Flow Down: An update on rivers. Nigeria’s Osun River: Sacred, revered and increasingly toxic. Nepal’s holy Bagmati River choked with black sewage, trash. And Jordan River, Jesus’ baptism site, is today barely a trickle. (Jesus.)

+ Rx Post Facto : Walmart, CVS, and Walgreens must pay a combined $650.6 million to two Ohio counties for damages related to the opioid crisis. When it comes to the opioid scandal, no one was on your side.

+ Floor Show “If you, like me, have frittered away a frankly embarrassing proportion of your one wild and precious life watching women with perfect blowouts and annoying husbands gut-reno houses on HGTV, or idly scrolling through Zillow listings you have no intention or ability to buy, then you know that the gray floors rarely travel alone.” The Atlantic: The HGTV-ification of America.