So you’ve come up with some alternative energy solutions to address climate change. But here’s the problem: Climate change knows what you did last Summer, and those prior behaviors are making some of your new solutions less tenable. For example, hydropower works a lot better when there is flowing water. When combined with Putin’s energy war, Europe is having a long, hot summer. NYT (Gift Article): Europe’s Scorching Summer Puts Unexpected Strain on Energy Supply. “The dry summer has reduced hydropower in Norway, threatened nuclear reactors in France and crimped coal transport in Germany. And that’s on top of Russian gas cuts.”

+ WaPo: Glaciers in Europe are experiencing the most severe melting on record. (Maybe they should put hydropower facilities at the base of glaciers.)

+ WaPo (Gift Article): French farmers made salers cheese for 2,000 years — then a drought hit. “France’s severe drought shut down the cheese production that had continued through two world wars, collapsed monarchies and the fall of the Roman Empire.” I just returned from Rome, where my family had to fight like gladiators to make it from the Colosseum back to our air conditioned hotel room. Of course, air conditioning represents another one of those vicious cycles. Our air conditioners make the climate hotter and the hotter climate makes us buy more air conditioners. From Vox: The search for an AC that doesn’t destroy the planet.