From Vanity Fair: An Oral History of Superbad. “Mostly, though, Superbad endures because the film is as heartfelt as it is raunchy, thanks to the bond between the fictional Seth and Evan. As we watch these two best friends careen toward an uncertain future, Superbad also asks us all to reflect on one of the most important questions a teenager can ask: ‘Where can I find booze??'” (These days the most important question for most teens is, ‘Where can I find WiFi?’)

+ “This book is like a tour of a once majestic 18th-century wooden house, now burned to its foundations, that focuses solely on, and rejoices in, what’s left amid the ashes: the two singed bathtubs, the gravel driveway and the mailbox. Kushner’s fealty to Trump remains absolute. Reading this book reminded me of watching a cat lick a dog’s eye goo.” The NYT didn’t seem to like Jared’s memoir.

+ “Ecco due imbecilli prepotenti che si fanno beffa della Città.” The mayor of Venice was none too happy with “the two overbearing idiots who made a mockery of his city” by foil surfing along Grand Canal. (I can’t believe my family just spent a week in Venice without raising the mayor’s ire.)