“She entered Congress six years ago as a relative celebrity, the daughter of the former vice president who spent several years using Fox News appearances to deliver acid-tongued critiques of the Obama-Biden administration. And she could exit the U.S. Capitol, likely in 4½ months, as the face of an anti-Trump movement that has cost her old alliances but left her with new supporters, clamoring for a next act more nationally focused.” Liz Cheney will probably lose her re-election bid in Wyoming today. But her political career is far from over. WaPo: Liz Cheney’s political life is likely ending — and just beginning.

+ Who What Where and Wyoming: Like every election these days, Cheney’s race will be covered as if it were all about Trump. It’s not that simple. Liz Cheney’s primary is all about Donald Trump — except in Wyoming. “In the sparsely populated state where their ultra-nationalized race is playing out, this primary is just one more battle in a civil war between factions in the only party with any political relevance.”