Extra, Extra

Lean on Green: “The report directly states that their sustainability claims have misled consumers into making purchases they thought benefitted, or at least posed less of a threat to, the planet. Spoiler alert: They didn’t.” Your Favorite ‘Sustainable’ Brand Might Not Be So Green After All.

+ Doesn’t Smell Like Victory: “In Ukraine, tragedies are a backdrop to everyday existence, piling up in numbers that seem inconceivable, an inescapable reality that feels like the very air in your lungs.” NYT (Gift Article): In My Homeland, the Smell of Death on a Summer Afternoon. Also from NYT: Six Weeks of ‘Hell’: Inside Russia’s Brutal Ukraine Detentions. And Anne Applebaum in The Atlantic on ordinary citizens fighting the good fight: The Other Ukrainian Army.

+ Gas Can Opener: “The most expensive US state pays far less than the UK.” The Hustle explains why gas is actually cheap in America.

+ Peeling Back the Robe: “He grew up speaking a language of the enslaved on the shores of Pin Point, Georgia. He would become the most powerful Black man in America, using the astonishing power vested in a Supreme Court justice to hold back his own people. Now he sits atop an activist right-wing court poised to undo the progressivism of the past century. What happened?” (And more importantly, can it be reversed?) Mitchell S. Jackson in Esquire: Looking for Clarence Thomas.

+ Broadband Leader: “Rosenworcel, the first woman ever confirmed by the Senate to chair the FCC, spends her days planning what an ideal internet should look like in America. That includes getting every U.S. home a broadband connection, as well as protecting Americans as billions of our appliances, vehicles, and consumer goods start connecting to each other.” Meet the Woman Working to Get Internet Into Every U.S. Home, While Keeping America’s Enemies Out. (I can barely manage WiFi tech support in my own house…)

+ Et Tu, Lesotho?: My family just got back from Venice and Rome. Apparently, we wanted to witness climate change firsthand because it was hot as hell. I should have gone to Lesotho instead. Tiny African kingdom has skiing as Europe sweats summer heat.

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