Weekend Whats

What to Watch: Almost Fly on HBO Max is series about adolescent friendship, teen romance, the falling of the Berlin Wall, living in a town with a military base, the 90s, the worldwide influence of early hip hop, bullying, race, and a few other things. Good stuff.

+ What to Read: “When we put out a call for memories of Oil Can’s, we were overwhelmed by the outpouring of responses from people who wanted to help us understand what made this place so singular. Thanks to the Oil Can’s community for helping us tell this story. This is for you.” 52 Years of Resistance and Rejoicing at Oil Can Harry’s, LA’s Now-Shuttered Historic Gay Bar. Plus, from the excellent Barton Gellman in The Atlantic: How Six States Could Overturn the 2024 Election. “Joe Biden won five of those six swing states in 2020. Donald Trump then tried and failed, lawlessly, to muscle the GOP state legislators into discarding Biden’s victory and appointing Trump electors instead. The Moore case marks the debut in the nation’s highest court of a dubious theory that could give Republicans legal cover in 2024 to do as Trump demanded in 2020. And if democracy is subverted in just a few states, it can overturn the election nationwide.”

+ What to Doc: This weekend marks the debut of Ron Howard’s feature film, Thirteen Lives, based on the amazing 2018 Tham Luang cave rescue. It sounds like it’s a good movie. But please, please, trust me when I tell you that before you watch any fictionalized version of this remarkable story, watch the awesome documentary called The Rescue.

+ What to Beyonce: Beyonce.

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