“Mark Ronson was renovating his West Village townhouse last summer when an urgent question arose: What type of audio speakers should he — a Grammy and Oscar-winning songwriter and record producer — procure for his living room? His interior designer, Michael Bargo, suggested a bespoke line of modular sound systems that he had never heard of” that were made by a guy named Devon Turnbull who maintains “a niche audiophile brand that caters to designers and artists.” Ronson wasn’t sold. “I’m not a particularly snarky person or anything, but I remember thinking, ‘What does this guy know about sound?,'” Then Ronson listened to the speakers. “I was fully blown away. I genuinely had a spiritual experience listening to music that day.” NYT (Gift Article): His Audio Speakers Are Coveted by Supreme, Mark Ronson and Prada. They are also coveted by Dave Pell. So if someone out there has a hookup, I’m all ears.