Recession Proof?

“The U.S. economy shrank in the last three months by 0.9%. This is the second consecutive quarter where the economy has contracted.” NPR: Is it in a recession?

+ WaPo (Gift Article): What causes a recession? “A recession is caused when a chain of events, like a line of dominoes, picks up momentum and does not stop until the economy shrinks. Each event is connected to something that happened before and something that will happen in the future. If the price of a hamburger goes up, you might stop buying hamburgers. This would impact a restaurant, and that would impact a server. There are many interconnected chains like this throughout the economy.”

+ “The U.S. economy is shaped by the decisions of several hundred million people, and the definition of a recession is determined by exactly eight of them.” Derek Thompson in The Atlantic: Is This a Recession? Wrong Question. (Unfortunately, inflation has made the right question too expensive to obtain.)

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