Bottom of the News

“Plenty of people are sitting around their houses and apartments, weighing their pandemic purchases — sometimes the house or apartment itself — and wondering, ‘Huh, what was I thinking?’ Consider it a Covid-specific flavor of buyer’s remorse.” The pandemic impulse purchases we grew to hate. (Luckily, I tend to research prospective purchases for about 2-3 years. So I still haven’t made my pandemic impulse buys.)

+ “It was the local egg delivery man who spread the spiciest gossip about the mustard shortage. Someone in a small French town had found a way to buy two jars at the grocery store — despite the one-mustard cap imposed by many shops as the country faces a shortage of its beloved condiment.” WaPo (Gift Article): France’s mustard shortage fuels drama and panic in grocery stores. (The decimated seed supply has the mustard industry playing ketchup.)

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