“On everything from gun ownership and religious affiliation to reliance on fossil fuels and participation (or not) in the 21st century information economy, most red states are following similar tracks, while diverging more sharply from the experience in blue states. Broadly speaking, blue states are more heavily exposed to the big demographic, cultural and economic forces reshaping American life, while red states are less exposed, and to the extent they are, those changes are centered overwhelmingly on their large metropolitan areas, which are trending Democratic and often — like in Austin or Atlanta — are a target for the Republicans controlling state government.” Ron Brownstein with some interesting analysis. Red states are building a nation within a nation.

+ Religion is at the core of this movement. And if you’re for more religion in public life, you’re getting tired of all the winning. WaPo (Gift Article): After court ruling, activists push prayer into schools. “They say church and state are already too separate.”