Today’s headline might be the first to have truly universal appeal across cultures and languages. It uses the international language. No not love, music, or Esperanto. Baby talk. “In the most wide-ranging study of its kind, more than 40 scientists helped to gather and analyze 1,615 voice recordings from 410 parents on six continents, in 18 languages from diverse communities: rural and urban, isolated and cosmopolitan, internet savvy and off the grid, from hunter gatherers in Tanzania to urban dwellers in Beijing. The results, published recently in the journal Nature Human Behavior, showed that in every one of these cultures, the way parents spoke and sang to their infants differed from the way they communicated with adults — and that those differences were profoundly similar from group to group.” Fwom NYT, a wittle gift awticle fo you to weed cause you’re a reawy nice subskiber.) Parentese Is Truly a Lingua Franca, Global Study Finds.