“She stopped at her local Meijer grocery store and purchased 20 $100 gift cards and then proceeded to hand them out to random shoppers in the store — none of whom she knew. The 20 lucky recipients were stunned by the surprising gesture.” WaPo: She won the lottery. Then she shared her windfall with strangers.

+ Local bank hides 500 piggy banks with $20 inside around Puget Sound. (In this market, that’s probably the smartest place to put your money…)

+ Delaware will give free solar panels to low-income residents.

+ A ‘true Lassie’ helped a rescue team find his owner who fell 70 feet in Tahoe Forest. (My beagles would do this. My cats would just move in with the rescue team.)

+ The Marines are set to have the first Black 4-star general in their 246-year history.

+ Eerie glow in sky confuses Australian town and outs cannabis farm. (That eerie glow has been confusing my neighbors for years.)

+ “With its black-and-white checkered floor tiles and vintage signs, the historic ice cream parlor at 1999 Hyde St. hasn’t changed much from its early days in 1948. Richard Campana, the store’s current owner, has made it his mission to preserve the store’s authenticity.” How ‘corporate greed’ nearly killed Bay Area institution Swensen’s ice cream. I grew up near a Swenson’s. It gave my three sister’s their first work experiences and me my first high blood sugar readings.

+ Bill Murray famously declared, I am the acorn that becomes the oak! Well, here’s a timelapse of that happening.