“The agency, which made this determination after reviewing its communication databases over the past four days, will provide thousands of records, but nearly all of them have been shared previously with an agency watchdog and congressional committees, the senior official said. None is expected to shed new light on the key matters the committee is probing, including whether Trump attacked a Secret Service agent.” WaPo: Secret Service cannot recover texts; no new details for Jan. 6 committee. (I don’t think we need these texts to get to the bottom of Trump’s Jan 6 behavior. We saw it with our own eyes. But this story puts one more dent in our trust in institutions, and that’s a big deal.)

+ 60% of Americans approved of the Supreme Court last July. Now, it’s 38%.

+ Arizona Republican Rusty Bowers censured by party over testimony on resisting Trump. (This is equal parts unsurprising, disturbing, and sad.)

+ A bipartisan group of senators reached a deal to make it harder to overturn a certified presidential election. (The lesson of Trump: We need fewer norms and more laws.)